Today I taught a puppy how to communicate. ©

Today I guided a young confused Australian shepherd puppy into the world of the Human Language, using clear, concise communication. I introduced her to the fact that she has the right of self-determination and control over her environment. For her owners, the world changed as well. For the first time they saw their puppy, not as she previously was- a ball of unpredicted frantic activity caused by absolute confusion, by fear of the unknowable future, not sure what she should do. Instead, they saw a calm, relaxed, peaceful, confident puppy. Gone was the incessant barking, the non-stop jumping, and mouthing. She was calmly resting at our feet, breathing deep and regular, tranquil and comfortable in her body for the first time. Understanding clearly, this thing that we refer to as communication. They had never seen her like this, not even sleeping did she cease her frenzied movements. They believe that I am a Miracle worker. I simply taught her in a clear consistent manner how to interpret the Human Language and that her choices had meaning, that my words, my movement had clear and distinct significance, either for action or cessation of action. I taught her that she could count on those meanings and that they did not change. She learned that humans CAN make sense after all. We can be consistent. I let her learn that her behavior can produce predictable changes in her environment. Nothing Magic. Nothing that I do not do on a regular basis, but today I experienced the wonder of seeing, what my training brought to this young dog. Sometimes I am so busy training that the beauty and extent of how clear communication can affect these wonderful creatures escapes me as I train them and their owners.

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