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Basic and Advanced Obedience

Did you know that puppies begin learning at 3 weeks of age? It is true, they begin learning communication and social skills from their littermates and mother. Weeks 8-20 are the most crucial for puppies to learn proper socialization and coping skills.

At Dog Trainer U.S. we stress that there is no right or wrong time to begin training, it is whatever is good for you the client. Dogs are never too old to learn – Old dogs can learn new tricks.

However, by beginning basic training early, you can head off problem behaviors before you get frustrated by them.

Housebreaking can be accomplished quickly and fairly easily by teaching commands that assist you in monitoring the puppy/dog better. We specialize in housebreaking, stopping inappropriate chewing, play biting, jumping, as well as teaching puppies/dogs how to be good citizens to your friends and family.

Your pet should fit into your life, you should not have to alter your life to make your pet fit. If you would like to learn how to do this, please contact us. Our basic programs include basic and advanced obedience, house manners and resolving problem behaviors.

Behavioral Modification

Fear, anxiety and aggression, are some of the most difficult things to correct, but also are the most rewarding.

At Dog Trainer U.S. we have trainers with extensive training and experience in dog psychology, learning theory and behavior. The methods used were personally developed by our world renowned, internationally certified dog trainer mentor and emphasize in resolving fear, anxiety and aggression issues utilizing state of the art, gentle and humane methods allowing your pet to happily fit into your life.

If your pet is having problems with fear, phobias, anxiety or aggression (dog to dog, or dog to human) please allow us to evaluate and present you with a training plan to help you and your pet.

service dogs
Allergy Detection Dogs, Autism, Diabetes , Cardiac, Hearing, Mobility, PTS, & Seizure Response Dogs

Service Dog Training

Dog Trainer U.S. highly customizes our service and therapy dog training programs personalized to the individual seeking assistance for the job the dog will be performing.

Dog Trainer U.S. is committed to assisting those individuals through the entire process of selecting the appropriate service or therapy dog and training (including basic, advanced obedience, therapy work and task training to mitigate disabilities.) Dog Trainer U.S. also provides full public access training including education about city, state, federal and country laws impacting service and therapy dogs in the United States, as well as laws governing service dogs in other countries.

Dog Trainer U.S. is pleased to have as of August 2020, one of only six, Internationally Certified Service Dog Trainers in the world mentoring all of our volunteer service dog trainers. This mentor is renowned for having met the stringent requirements by the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) for this elite certification, as well as for other many of her other certifications. We are beyond pleased that she has chosen to mentor our volunteer trainers to also meet the requirements and goals to become internationally certified as service dog trainers. Additionally, she has been on the IACP Service Dog

Committee since its inception, has previously chaired the committee, and is actively assisting with the trainer certification, public access testing process and is on the International Project workgroup. She has also been a Therapy Dog handler for over 15 years.

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