At Dog Trainer U.S.  we specialize in “Extraordinary Training ~ Creating Perfect Partnerships” between humans and their pup/dog. 
We realize that your pets are part of the family and as such customize our programs and training to fit you and your needs for the lifetime of your pup.  In most cases, a “complimentary” evaluation is needed in order to discuss your training wants and needs (both short term and long term goals), assess your pups temperament and behaviors to help determine the best course of action to accomplish your goals, discuss training methods, training tools and training programs so that you may make an educated decision.  This evaluation assists us in giving you a firm price for the training based on your particular wants and needs, the training method, training tools and the training program. 
Our evaluations are free and there is no obligation to us.  We believe that if we are a good fit then you will engage us to assist you, if we are not then hopefully we have helped educate you in making a good decision in regards to training your puppy.  If you do allow us to assist you, we would be honored and commit to assisting you in achieving a lifetime of happiness in making your pup a balanced part of your life. 

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